Revolutionse the future of Animation

Imagine owning a character from a show, and earning rewards because you hold that specific character as an NFT!


The Future of Animation in the Web3 World

We want to give power back to the people, and grant our community commercial licence to the digital items they own. With ColorMonsters, we hope to change what animation and commercial licence will be like in the future.

Commercial licence

When you own a ColorMonsters NFT, you also own the commercial license to use it, as long as you adhere to the brand guidelines. It is the owners responsibility to advise the ColorMonsters team when their NFT will be used as it is very important that we maintain the brand identity, integrity, and reputation of ColorMonsters, particularly as we work towards partnering with mainstream brands. We want these brands to feel confident that the ColorMonsters characters are always used to inspire positivity, creativity, empowerment, and, most importantly, inclusivity. This commercial license excludes creating an animation or animated series as this is the ColorMonsters core product.


When you hold a ColorMonsters NFT or your specific character is used in the ColorMonsters animated series you will be rewarded for it with ‘donuts’. You can claim these donuts from our donut store which you can exchange with Allow List spots for new and upcoming NFT projects, vouchers that you can use online for real-life purchases, or NFTs.

Common and Original ColorMonsters = 1 donut per day
Rare = 3 donut per day
Series 1 ColorMonsters = 10 donut per day

2nd collection - ColorMonsters Moments

Our plan is to have a 2nd ColorMonsters collection where you are able to own moments from the ColorMonsters first season animated series. All characters that are featured in the animated series will be airdropped a ColorMonsters moment corresponding to the one they currently hold as an NFT.

Marketing of ColorMonsters

We hold the rights to use all characters in the ColorMonsters collection for any marketing purposes outside of the actual animated series.

For more details please read through our Terms and Conditions.